What a guy; endless energy, friendly, willingness to do the hard work, principled, ethical, interested in the welfare of the ordinary people, inspirational and a friend. Beth and I have been impressed with John since we came to the area more than 15 years ago. We saw John as a very effective state legislator, problem solver and public servant in the best sense of the word and after his time as a state legislator he continued to find ways to participate in the community, eventually ending up on the Baxter City Council.

In spite of his many health issues, he has not allowed anything to slow him down. He simply plunged into life wholeheartedly as a teacher and coach, always finding helpful ways to serve the community.

Having been a teacher myself for more than a decade in Michigan, I know how nice it is to hear from anyone whose life you have touched and made a difference. I occasionally hear from students I had more that 40 years ago who say I made a difference in their lives. I want to provide that kind of feedback for John.

To me he is one of the heroes of life and of this community.

Thanks John.

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Bob Passi