To my unvaccinated friend: I understand why you have held off on vaccinating. You worried about the effectiveness of the vaccine, and you probably hoped (as I did) that the pandemic would run its course and disappear. Perhaps you heard rumors that made you distrust the vaccine. Perhaps you worried that the vaccination would interfere with your work and you don’t have “sick leave” to cover you for a short absence.

But here we are now, over a year since COVID-19 became prevalent, and the virus is still multiplying and spreading. It’s getting smarter and quicker to infect. Here in Crow Wing County several COVID variants are appearing. We’ve already had 93 friends and neighbors die from COVID while 373 people were sick enough to be hospitalized in our community. And the danger isn’t past. There are new cases every day.

Would you reconsider and get vaccinated? It’s easy and pretty painless. Most of us didn’t experience any negative effects after the vaccination and I don’t think you will either. If we could get every adult vaccinated, our children and grandchildren could go back to school feeling safe to be with their friends. If we could get every adult vaccinated, we could all be less cautious about visiting a neighbor or hugging a friend.

Please reconsider.

Beth Passi

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District 3 Representative

Crow Wing County Community Health Services Advisory Committee