I fail to understand the reasons for the protest at the July 19 ISD 181 School Board meeting. The board voted to approve a letter of equity to create an environment of acceptance and inclusivity for its students regardless of background, sex, sexual orientation, beliefs, ableness, neurocognitive abilities, or other distinguishing features. In other words, everyone should feel welcome and safe. How can anyone be opposed to that?

I’ll address the picture that appeared in the July 20 Dispatch and the signs held by three protestors. The first read “No CRT!” and “No Racism!” Critical race theory is not part of the curriculum, so it’s a non-issue. For “No Racism” see the previous paragraph. The second read, “Equality Not Equity.” I suspect the gentleman had it backwards, since equity provides AP, mainstream and special education classes. Equality means all students would take the same classes. The third sign is “Marx” with a line drawn through it. I assume the gentleman was referring to Karl Marx, the German philosopher who lived in the 1800s. He believed that human societies develop through class conflict and in a capitalist mode. The ruling class would be overthrown by the working class which would lead to a classless society. If the objection is from the way history classes are taught, shouldn’t history be taught as it happened so that the whole story be told? If the gentleman sees the district promoting a classless society, why does the curriculum consist of courses for students with differing knowledge, skills and abilities?

I offer one piece of advice. Don’t believe everything you read online.

Gary Niemi