I see a lot of comments around about us leaving Afghanistan. Even China and Russia are being critical of it. One would like to say to them, “Go ahead and take over the job.” We’ll cheer you on, as long as your goal is to leave the Afghan people in a Democratic society. Russia has already tried and failed miserably. I really think China knows better. It’s too bad we didn’t know better when we stuck our noses in that country’s problems. If you follow the history trail you will find nothing but failed wars in the history of that country going back as far as you care to read.

Our president who got us into that war was riding a wave of patriotic fervor right out of 9/11. He saw himself in the mold of Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor. Maybe we would have won if we had the same tenacity that Roosevelt had back then and took it to them with the gloves off. But that’s not the way most wars are fought anymore.

We need to do what we can to protect the people who helped us over there. It’s the least we can do. We also need to learn a lesson for once. Now give South Korea the weapons they need to defend themselves and get out of there, too.

Mike Holst