Crow Wing County commissioners are setting a dangerous precedent by allowing a multiple housing development on Horseshoe Lake. It’s nice having extra property tax collected but at what cost? Instead of one lake home with one boat and dock, there could be multiple houses and the potential of a huge dock with multiple boat slips on a single lot. County officials said the septic system will be “state of the art” and you will be able to drink the water. May the county commissioners have the first drink. Horseshoe Lake is a relatively small lake. A large lake might be able to handle the additional boat traffic but with the potential to add 14 to 17 new boats to a small lake, it would be devastating.

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What kind of power does the Crow Wing County Commission have? They didn’t listen to the local residents and, most of all, they ignored the local township board’s decision of voting down the development’s plan. Talk about “big government” not listening to the voters. On our lake, we have the same potential of multiple homes on a single lake lot. The neighboring lake has done this with the same developer. It starts out as a simple mom and pop resort and then it expands to a mega development. One of the Crow Wing County commissioners lives on the neighboring lake that did this multiple development. He is also on the Crow Wing Power Board. And we all know how that turned out. You have to wonder, why does a person run for so many boards? It’s not for the good of the local citizens or the local Townships. The Crow Wing County commissioners have abused their power, I hope their terms will be up and voted out.

Joe Patton