The Reader Opinion letter in the Wednesday, Sept. 8, paper defending Crow Wing County commissioners is also not listening to the locals around Horseshoe Lake, the township and planning/zoning. The letter notes Commissioner Koering stated private property rights are one of the most important features of our republic, tread lightly; and that democracy ultimately belongs to those who show up. Commissioner Koering, the people did show up. Especially at the township meeting which represents the area of concern. I guess this democracy is not recognized by the Crow Wing commissioners. And the term “tread lightly” doesn’t sound like a commissioner that is concerned about democracy. As I wrote before, this development on Horseshoe Lake can set a dangerous precedence. Could we see 10 story condos next to our family cabins as long as they meet the set-backs and have a “state of the art” septic system? The letter also stated, “The best way to fight against developments like this, is to run for office.” I guess the public needs to study these candidates better and check out their past history to make democracy work.

Joe and Monica Patton


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