While all Minnesotans are technically losers by having Tim Walz as their Governor, I am fed up with him playing God, deciding winners and losers, heroes and villains, who flourishes and who goes under.

The $250 million COVID Giveaway is the latest case in point.

The Legislature is currently wrestling with who should be anointed as heroes for working through the Pandemic, subject to Walz's approval.

OK, fine, front line medical and nursing home staff, paramedics and cops, sure, I can see that.

Of course Walz and the DFL want to expand the list to include many other “essential workers.”

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But it was the government that got to define “essential,” not you and I.

Liquor stores and abortion clinics were allowed to remain open, but not churches and most Main Street businesses.

Is it heroic to be allowed to continue feeding your family merely because of your job description?

Surely people who were forced to get by on little to nothing while shut down are just as heroic for finding ways to survive.

Not turning to crime or other underhanded endeavors (like politics) when financially stressed also shows courage and character. These are two qualities Walz is totally unfamiliar with.

Government has no business creating heroes. The knaves and crooks in government by and large would not recognize a hero if one bit them in their collective hind end.

Remember, COVID did not shut down these business owners while deciding that others should continue to work, the government did.

And every fake dollar printed or simply digitized out of whole cloth does nothing but further diminish the value of the dollars you worked so hard to squirrel away.

Walz and the left knows this.

Demand an end to their insanity!

Tony Bauer