I read the Brainerd Dispatch's story on the life of Stewart C. Mills Jr. He truly was an icon and an example to others on how to conduct your life from what many would see as a life of privilege. What those same people don’t see, is that privilege was self-made and is available to anyone who wants to follow the recipe. Over and over again the article talked about his attributes but two of them kept being repeated. Honesty and integrity and how important they are. Two things sorely missing in today’s world. Two things you have to earn, because they can’t be bought. Two things that have no substitutes.

Stewart was part of that greater generation that I write about so much. A time in the life of this nation, when being honest and genuine was the norm and not the exception as is so often the case today. We need to capture that greater generation way of life again if we are going to survive. People have been using that label for them for a long, long time. I don’t know what to label the current generation except to say; at least in the political arena, I’m leaning towards the worthless generation.

Rest in peace Stewart and thanks for the great example.

Mike Holst