Even before Biden told the enemy he would pull American troops out of Afghanistan by Aug. 31, people in America and the world had to wonder what was Biden thinking with the Taliban, ISIS and al-Qaida all in Afghanistan, and with the uncertainty of the safety for our troops, Afghan people, interpreters and families who might be left behind to be killed.

Biden and his military advisers, disastrously, very politically screwed things up on this one. Heads should roll but won’t. Corruption - it’s so bad in Washington now. It’s no longer a swamp; it’s a cesspool. Even they have to be drained once in a while.

Term limits would positively solve that.

Biden’s pullout insulted everyone who ever served in Afghanistan. It was in disgrace and without honor. Thirteen young military personnel killed, along with many Afghans — this before his 31st deadline.

No retaliation. This is America?

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Biden’s response: “We will hunt you down and make you pay.” Pathetic.

Biden lives in his own little world. With that, liberals can pull his strings for anything to fulfill their agenda. Example: Look at the Mexican border.

It’s been said Biden has lost it but how can you lose something you never had? My opinion: America will pay dearly for his blunders for years to come as liberals use him to take America into social programs where welfare buys votes, something for nothing, and socialism will destroy America.

As pathetic as Biden is, let’s pray he finishes his term. If not, we get Harris and Pelosi. God help America.

Jack Schmidt

Pequot Lakes