It’s time to admit that we have a problem, and the problem starts at the top. We were told by candidate Joe Biden on the final night of the Democratic National Convention he would be transparent with the press. We have seen extraordinarily little of that, in fact, Joe has walked away from the press on several occasions and had his mic turned off or what happened on March 4 when his mic and video cut out when he said he would take questions.

President Joe Biden’s team is also a problem. Our nation is currently in a shipping and transportation crisis with hundreds of thousands of containers either sitting on ships or waiting in shipyards but for the last several weeks the transportation secretary, of an administration that is only nine months old, has been on unannounced leave. He started his tax-payer funded paternity leave in mid-August.

The problems are numerous but one that hits harder than most for the average person is the price of gasoline. His day one killing of Keystone hasn’t helped the price of gasoline, which according to the U.S. Energy Administration, is about $1 higher now than it was a year ago. This of course leads to everything else being higher.

The hits just keep coming with this failure ridden administration and yes ladies and gentlemen we are only nine months in. Go buy your Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham now, if you can find one, because the rumors have it that they won't be available.

Joe Biden’s campaign ads told us that it starts at the top.

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Kenneth Toole