I appreciate the Brainerd School Board meetings being on YouTube or the district's website, because it makes it possible to watch it at a later time.

A couple concerns have surfaced pertaining to what information is given to the public, for both those at the board meeting and those watching at home.

When the school board received the list of the names of the applicants who applied for the open seat Oct. 25, only the names of those applicants who were going to be interviewed were announced.

The list of the names is a public document, so why wasn’t the entire list announced? The following week the school board interviewed the final applicant. After the interview, the school board voted individually for their applicant of choice.

There was one big problem though, they never announced how each school board member voted.

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When a ballot to appoint a new member is conducted, it is the right of the people to know exactly how each board member voted. As to whom each board member voted for was not announced publicly, nor is it noted in the School Board meeting minutes.

If these concerns seem petty to you, consider this: It all comes down to trust and these are the small things. If they can't get these small things right, how are we to trust they will get the bigger things right?

Furthermore, since it appears they were trying to hide the names, why should we trust them at all when they declare they don't teach critical race theory?

Ben Wicklund