Black Lives Matter versus white supremacy. To me, this is what the trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, will indicate the state in, and state of, Wisconsin. The judge in the trial appears highly biased; biased to the point he should never have been appointed as a judge. Judges do matter.

With so much noise and distraction lately, too many seem to have forgotten the basic goals of our democracy. Some take the ultimate goal to be wealth. Wealth can be used as power. And power abuses those where the power comes from.

But we formed a democracy, one that is evolving, just like any other living thing. The idea was to have a government whose people governed themselves. At the same time, we wanted a government that was fair and equal to all peoples. We have Catholics, Muslims, Native Americans, atheists and many more. While Catholics strongly oppose abortion, many atheists strongly support the right and freedom for someone to decide for themselves. How do we fit all that into one government?

And under this unique umbrella that tries to protect and make equitable the rights of all, we have many disparate groups. There are Euro-Americans (whites), Latino, Native, Black, Somali, Vietnamese and others. To be called the democracy that the founders envisioned we would develop into, no group can have dominion over others.

Sometimes forgotten in the argument over rights, we ignore that for each right, there carries one or more responsibilities and duties. While each of us has a duty to ourselves, we have an equal or greater duty to the good of the democracy. Like it or not, believe it or not, humans are interdependent, not individual.

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I will hope justice comes out of Kenosha.

A. Martin