A lot has been researched and written about what needs to be done to try and control an epidemic or pandemic. So now the question that is being asked, is why hasn’t much of it worked? To step back a minute, the research I am talking about is not just related to our present pandemic, it has been going on for over 100 years and through several pandemics. All of the research over this time period came out with the first big step always being to isolate the sick from the well to prevent spread and then work on not only a vaccine to stop it but drugs to help cure the disease in people it’s already infected. It was true then and that is still true today.

The mood in this country by the government, when the pandemic first hit, was to deny the disease was anything to worry about and when that became too big of a stretch for people to believe, then give them somebody else to blame for starting the whole thing — China — as if that was going to cure anything. In every epidemic our country has suffered through over the years, big or small, social distancing was always the first step to control spread and it always will be. But social distancing has as a side effect — economic ramifications — and that is not even a negotiable point with a whole lot of people in this country, even if the outcome is more sickness and deaths. Do not mess with their pocket books.

We have become a country of naysayers and finger pointers, not problem solvers and not the country that once was the can-do country. What we have now, is for all practical purposes a recipe for failure, resulting in 750,000 deaths.

Mike Holst