Crow Wing County citizens deserve to know the level of commitment to the U.S. Constitution by their Sheriff, our top law enforcement official.

Go to the Nov. 9 Crow Wing County Board meeting (on YouTube or the county website) and listen to our top law enforcement official in this county weigh in on the First Amendment.

The CWC Board was discussing concerns raised by one man who didn't like the use of a bad word on a flag.

During discussion, Sheriff Goddard said, "I would not support an ordinance that was going to be something that would be, that our office or Sheriff's Office would be involved with."

Sheriff Goddard also said, "I don't see it as an ordinance that would be easy to enforce, or that I would want to enforce."

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These are ambiguous statements.

The top law enforcement official in the county should make a clear and concise statement regarding the oath to the Constitution he took, and it should be, "I will not enforce an ordinance, a statute, a law, an executive order or anything that infringes on the Constitutional rights of the citizens of my county."

In fairness, Sheriff Goddard probably didn't have a prepared statement ready on November 9th, but until the people in Crow Wing County hear otherwise, Sheriff Goddard's lack of clarity on Nov. 9 still stands.

Thank you, Sheriff Goddard, we eagerly await clarification.

Dan McCarthy