Reader Opinion: 2nd Amendment dedicated county


This would not only protect ourselves, but others as well, and our rights to legally own, possess, and resale our legal guns to other law abiding citizens.

My reasons also are we can’t stop criminals from doing what they want, or how, but we can deter them by having a way to protect ourselves, by standing up for our right to own our guns, we just want to protect ourselves, family, friends, public, etc. Those that have taken our gun permit tests, course and or courses, and paid our fees, we do this for the same reason someone may carry pepper spray, etc., but ours is a gun for protection against the unknown, especially in these days, and times.

The police do their best to serve and protect, but they cannot be everywhere at once, and many in our area live in rural areas, where if there is an intruder seconds can turn into hours it seems like before help arrives, and until you’re put in that situation, you have no idea how scary that can be. It’s just nice to know we can protect ourselves, or others in these situations.

We as gun owners are not here to police in any way, but to help our community, friends, neighbors, ourselves, and others if need be. I feel honored as a gun owner knowing I may save someone, or help and officer in need, and I know my fellow gun owners feel the same way, so please let your voices be heard, contact our county commissioners, sheriff, to get our county passed to become a dedicated Second Amendment sanctuary county, like many other counties have already, please support this important matter.

Also everyone stay healthy at home, and a big thank you to our essential workers out there.


Lisa Voss


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