Reader Opinion: A 20th anniversary concert

Thanks to Sarah Aamodt for two decades of leadership with the Legacy Chorale of Greater Minnesota.

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On a rainy afternoon a very special celebration took place in the Gichi Ziibi Center for the Arts. It was Sarah Aamodt’s last time directing the Legacy Chorale.

Twenty years ago Sarah had a dream. A dream to start a choral group in our lakes area. That was the birth of the Legacy Chorale of Greater Minnesota.

The spring concert, named “How can we keep from singing” was a marvelous way to celebrate 20 years of bringing such high quality choral music to our lakes area. Thank you, Sarah, for fulfilling your dream and to all of the singers who have contributed to this fabulous musical group.

For the last two decades we in the lakes area are grateful for the amazing music you have brought to us. Thanks for enriching our lives with the joy of your music.

We in the audience all love you and as the program title says, “Keep on singing.”


Luann Rice


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