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Reader Opinion: A bleak milestone

The Minnesota Legislature should pass a bill that would protect our dogs and still allow trappers to trap.

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Minnesota reached an important milestone on Feb. 19, 2022. Crow Wing County led the state in reaching this milestone.

So what is this milestone that I am talking about? The milestone is that 100 dogs have been reported killed in Minnesota. Nearly all were killed in legally set body grip traps or snares. Reporting is voluntary so Minnesota probably reached the deadly milestone many years ago.

It’s widely accepted at the Capitol that some Republican legislators are largely responsible for letting Minnesota reach this milestone. It’s also common knowledge in St. Paul that as long as the Republicans control one or both of the houses in the Legislature they will continue to block the bill that would protect our dogs and still allow trappers to trap.

Despite broad bipartisan support for protecting dogs some Republican lawmakers have blocked the dog protection bill for 11 legislative sessions, even as the dog owners grieved.

John Reynolds



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