Reader opinion: A Brainerd people will want to live in

Brainerd needs to be a place of morals, patriotism and the God given principles this country was founded on.

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The Oct. 1 Reader Opinion letter, “What Brainerd do you want to live in?” said Brainerd needs a culture change.

There are no politics involved when helping out people in need, yet the letter exploits peoples’ giving to help out a local family by telling us the area’s beauty is only surpassed by the sentiment of community and friendships.

Then, in contradiction, it states how politics are creeping in and dividing the same sentiment of community and friendships he cited, and seemingly relating this to community members speaking out at school board meetings and questioning board decisions.

There is nothing wrong with questioning our school board. But the Reader Opinion’s statements imply otherwise, as if we’re all supposed to accept in lockstep all school board decisions in order to be a united community.

In other words, sit still, take what we give you and shut up.


The letter talks about collaborating with people who have differing viewpoints, while suggesting people should be willing to sacrifice their principles in order that we all agree.

That mindset is exactly what got us into the mess we’re currently in. There is a lack of trust towards the ISD 181 school board, evident by the significant number of people filing for the office.

Should I sacrifice my principles in order to “cultivate optimism and uniqueness?”

Which of my principles should I forego in order to "focus on unification and to collaborate to find respectful, mutual ground and a positive path forward?"

Brainerd doesn’t require a culture change as the letter stated.

Brainerd needs to be a place of morals, patriotism and the God given principles this country was founded on.

Accomplish these things, and this will be a Brainerd that people will want to live in.

Mark J. Olson



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The people have voted and have made their decisions as to who best represents them on the Brainerd School Board, so let all of those newly-elected people make this decision on the strategic plan.
There can be benefit from earlier teachings of compassion, not only to a wider community, but to ourselves; as we are, as we were and as we will become.
Based on the financial straits the Brainerd School District is currently experiencing, it would be better for everyone if the district were shopping for a consultant to assist them with a fiscal plan, not a strategic plan.
That is what the Shriners Clubs and members do. They help handicapped children and their families receive medical care to improve their lives and make a positive impact in their lives.