Reader Opinion: A helping hand


Most of us grew up understanding the concept of giving a helping hand to others when there was a problem. It might be a friend, family member, neighbor or even our nation. Well, this is a time to lend a helping hand to the human race and to the planet to ensure human sustainability.

The planet is becoming less accommodating to our survival. Increasing temperatures and environmental conditions have changed the survival game for everything. Weather conditions have changed markedly; storms, fires, intense heat, polluted oceans.

Even here we have greater threats from insect borne diseases and fungi. It is trickier today to take a walk in the woods or a swim in a lake.

We know there is a connection between the rising temperature of the planet and these changes as the planet tries to adapt to these new conditions. One of the adaptations may be to change the things that make human life sustainable. The planet will do whatever it needs to do in the face of the new conditions. That is the reality of natural systems.

We, as human beings, can choose to argue about who or what is at fault, or we can find ways to work together to do what we can do to stop the causes of the increasing heat in ways we can control. We can create sustainable alternatives to replace what is no longer working. We can repair our relationships with the natural systems the planet provides for our survival.


But to do this we must first put aside our partisan and competitive urges and begin to forge relationships and communities which are open and accepting in order to find creative solutions, use all of our available resources and gifts and find a new narrative for survival.

It is an individual choice.

Bob Passi


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