Reader Opinion: A loud and clear message

The passage of PRO Act does not reflect Minnesotans' values.

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Governor Walz praised the passage of the PRO Act, claiming that Minnesotans said “loud and clear” in November that we wanted immediate legislation to give women and young girls the ability to freely abort their unborn children at any stage of their pregnancy. Implicit in passing the PRO Act was adopting a new legislative policy that says Minnesotans are no longer interested in protecting the lives of unborn children even after viability. According to Sen. Jennifer McEwen, DFL-Duluth: “These are our values, this is the practice in Minnesota. This is what we believe.”

Walz won just 13 of Minnesota’s 87 counties by an average margin of 16.81%. Jensen won the other 74 counties by an average margin of 29.05%. Walz won fewer counties than he did in 2018 (20) and much fewer than Dayton in 2014 (34).

Eleven of Walz’s 13 counties accounted for nearly 74% of the abortions reported by Minnesota residents in 2021. The remaining two (Cook and Lake) had no reported abortions. All but one of the 35 authors of the House version of the PRO Act, and all five authors of the Senate version, hail from just nine of Walz’s 13 counties. (The one outlier House author is from Anoka County, which voted for Jensen but had the fourth most reported abortions in 2021.) Including Anoka, Walz’s handful of supporting counties accounted for over 80% of Minnesotans’ abortions in 2021.

All 134 House seats and 67 Senate seats were up for grabs in November. The Democrats retained their same six-seat majority in the House and flipped one seat in the Senate to take a 34-33 majority.

That was Minnesotans’ loud and clear message to pass the PRO Act? No, it reflects only the Democrats’ close to sinful values and beliefs.


Rocky Wells


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