Reader Opinion: A reasonable approach

Rational minded folks aren’t interested in eliminating the Second Amendment.

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U.S. firearm homicide rates are 25 times higher than any other developed country. Firearm suicide rates are eight times higher.

Our hearts have broken for victims of gun violence from Parkland to Las Vegas to Uvalde ad infinitum. Each time, reporters show up, lawmakers offer thoughts and prayers and raise hell about needed action to prevent more shootings. We ask how this happens, then watch it happen again in schools, bars, grocery stores, and places of worship. Meanwhile, interpretations of the Second Amendment advances towards allowing anyone to own semiautomatic, military-style assault weapons that randomly kill people.

Our County Board recently passed a resolution expressing “deep commitment” to the rights of all county citizens to possess firearms as well opposing legislative efforts which “could be interpreted as infringing rights of citizens of Crow Wing County to keep and bear arms.” Regarding the resolution, Koering said, “I hope that people can support it.”

Commissioners Koering and Houge rammed through that resolution concerned that Minnesota’s Legislature might act to expand background checks for gun sales and might allow authorities to temporarily prohibit people in crisis or immediate danger of harming themselves or others from possessing or purchasing firearms.

Many constituents don’t support the hastily executed resolution naming Crow Wing a Second Amendment County. The action wasn’t on the published agenda for the February County Board meeting: It was added without notice at the onset of additional business. A reasonable approach would involve an open-minded conversation with a broad section of the constituents.


Meanwhile, keep and lock your hunting and home defensive guns. Rational minded folks aren’t interested in eliminating the Second Amendment. Their efforts are working towards preventing the slaughter and maiming of innocent children and citizens who are just trying to go about the business of living.

Jane A. Haubrich


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