Reader Opinion: A reasonable equation for the future

We may need to update many of our responses and responders to better cope with not only what we know.

Stack of newspapers on a laptop computer.

It generally takes longer to build and rebuild than it does to take down and demolish.

Some things are less rebuilt and other things are less demolished.

For all the complaints that are sounded and then echoed, the greater reverberations may be for the designs, constructions and accomplishments of creating the better builds.

Perhaps that is our primary purpose. We may more likely be here for something than to be here for nothing; that story less fully known, but partly told.

Whether we wax back to the past or lean longingly toward futures, we will need to accommodate, and then pursue, some reasonable expectations and equations for making improvements.


We will arrive at these points of departures, acknowledging and perhaps even accepting, at varying rates and to various degrees. The coming forward by some and denials by others of these foldings will be the stuff of both jubilations and indifferences.

As we have learned from recent events, there are less visible things and events which may have potentially consequential impacts upon our airspaces, landscapes, waters and psyches.

We may need to update many of our responses and responders to better cope with not only what we know, what we know that we don’t know but also to what we don’t know that we don’t know.

As unknown vehicles, elements and ideas travel over our horizons, we may be better cautioned to investigate both the sources and intentions of the cargoes contained as even our various partners have less than fully visible intentions and inventions.

As a consequential president said, “Trust, but verify.”

Better perhaps in these days to, “Verify, so that we may trust.”

Philip L M Vaughan

Lake Edward Township

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