Reader Opinion: A seed story


Once upon a time we planted cockleburns of apathy in children’s hearts. Thriving, the crop spread in all directions like repeating rounds in a city parking lot.

We planted fear, victimization and suicide instead of long rows of courage and faith in God. We taught to take without labor and to covet, as we stole fulltime family members from children.

We did not trust in God.

Children ate lies, fed by those erasing generations of honor and respect toward those four powerful words we all held in our hands, pockets or purses, on the face of our money. Law even defended these treasonous acts, but law did not defend freedom and liberty given by the fathers of our country. Freedom to be liberated from sin through Christ, not to succumb to that sin.

We knew this teaching was simply conditioning the soil to plant more bad seed. We knew the science of habitat for proper growth and health of species, we funded it. When children acted out in violence, we knew they had reacted to our selfish destruction of their habitat. Teaching fear and finger-pointing bully focus was dismantling family structure.


We knew of God’s love and blessings in distant memories but we would not change.

The moral of this story is, read both sides of a dime before spending a penny for seed.

Sure Berg


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