Reader Opinion: A self examination


Some very painful observations about what America has become;

A nation divided by wealth.

A nation divided by race.

A nation that consumes 25% of the Earth's energy.

A nation that promotes drug use for profit..


A nation that places no value on human reproduction.

A nation where elders are warehoused and forgotten.

A nation that wastes 35% of the food it grows amidst hunger.

A nation where imports pollute the economy..

A nation that can identify the needy yet ignores them.

A nation of incredible wealth and entrenched poverty.

A nation that fosters promiscuity.

A nation that is addicted to crude oil and it's products.


A nation where parents are not parenting.

A nation of computers with lazy people attached.

A nation where pollution is acceptable.

A nation where nature is expendable..

A nation that can kill anything or anyone at any time.

A nation of self indulgence and sickening greed.

A nation that thinks a nuclear war is survivable.

A nation with allies but no friends.


A nation that no longer believes "In God We Trust" or "We the People."

A nation of warmongers with unlimited military might.

A nation wallowing in it's sins of the past..

A nation that thinks peace and friendship have a price tag.

A nation that is in smothering debt.

A nation where left and right no longer refer to direction.

A nation with no peacekeepers.

A nation where a dollar bill is nailed to the cross

A nation where Trump was the best American it had to offer.

A nation demanding that true Americans step forward to right this ship.

A nation refreshed and unified by its Constitution.

Louie Hoffmann


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