Reader Opinion: A tribute

Sarah Aamodt will be missed.

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Sarah Aadmodt had a dream. Yes, 20 years ago you told your parents about your dream to start a chorale group in the Brainerd area. They said, “Go for it.” And go for it you did. Never looking back, you forged ahead and thus the birth of the Legacy Chorale.

More and more people came on board. Mike Nelson became a tireless manager and the singers showed up from the whole lakes area community with the love of singing in their hearts.

You, Sarah, will never know how many people you and the Legacy have touched with your music.

I’m sure you have many stories of the things which have happened through the past 20 years. Some funny, some sad, some accidents (falling off the risers in the back), some silly and some serious.

It’s been an eventful journey for you. I commend you for what you have accomplished and thank you for your generous sharing of your talents with all of us, your audience.


You will be missed.

Luann Rice


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