Reader Opinion: A watershed moment

It's time for Republicans to be held accountable for their actions.


What is it that goes on inside a person, who will choose not to wear a mask, that could protect others from illness? What is it that goes on inside a person who marginalizes the deaths of people who are elderly and will choose not to wear a mask, because they are not elderly and believe they have nothing to worry about? Truly, what is it inside people that choose to mock or ridicule those who wear a mask? Lack of information to make informed decisions about wearing a mask? Or have many reached a place in their lives , where they have decided it is OK not to care about other human beings? What makes a cruel virus even more cruel is the complete lack of caring for other people, by other people. Some days, I feel like begging Republicans in office to do the right thing and be truth spreaders, other times I feel such anger towards those who gathered without masks to campaign and thus ignored all warnings more deaths would come and our hospitals will be overwhelmed .

It is time for these Republicans in office to be accountable and do what needs to be done, to recover our humanity. This is a watershed moment, it is time to stop the games and be accountable!

Deb Halsted


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