Reader Opinion: Abortion

Everyone knows abortion is detestable and yet we make excuses and say it is OK to murder the innocent?

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How would you like to be the innocent and have the only thing you have, life, taken away from you? What do you think the Lord God considers over this situation? Check his words in Isaiah 1:4,15-16. Why do we even have to check the Bible in this one? Everyone knows it is detestable and yet we make excuses and say it is OK to murder the innocent? How about the rapist, the father who rapes his daughters, or the uncles or grandfathers or brothers or teachers, or neighbors or caretakers or stepfathers? What is being done about them? Where is their punishment? How sinful is it to punish the purely innocent and let the guilty go free? Do we really accept this and expect to get by without any punishment ourselves when we know it is detestable to God? If we have to murder someone in this situation, whousln;t it be the rapist? It seems in any other crime situation, and this being the worst of all, we always punish the guilty not the innocent. What is the excuse here? To change the law? Is the Lord God not watching on this one? We had better get on our knees and shape up fast in prayer and fasting if we do not want the punishment, which has already started and should have begun 50 years ago wit hRoe v. Wade. Do we really expect to go to heaven if we support this vilest plan of Satan? Listen here so-called Christians: the Bible says judgment begins at the house of God so what do we do about that? 2 Chronicles 7:14.

C.S. Long


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