Reader Opinion: Absentee vs. mail-in voting


The media and many people are struggling to understand the difference between absentee voting and the mail-in-voting. Absentee voting is fine, you are registered and request a ballot. Mail-in-voting is when ballots are mailed to everyone whether currently registered or not.

Clark County Nevada opted for an all-mail June primary election due to legal pressure from state and national Democrats. Clark County mailed 1,325,934 ballots to all with 223,469 returned "undeliverable" and 305,000 returned with votes. I found this in the Nevada Independent and the voters were Democrat, Republican, and minor parties.

The Michigan primary had 10,694 votes rejected and 846 dead people tried to vote. From Detroit Free Press. I don't know if this was only Detroit area numbers.

This is a small sample so there may be similar circumstances in more states. It appears that the voters in Nevada that did receive the ballot and vote were confused how to do it and why the only choice was to vote by mail.

Gwen Kienholz



Correction: Mail-in ballots are only sent to voters who are already registered.

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