Reader Opinion: Agree 100%


I agree 100% with the previous writer about the Dispatch going to two days of publication and the rest six e-editions. I for one have read the Dispatch since I was a kid and now I’m in my 70s. What a wrong thing I think you are planning to do. I too am not equipped with iPads, smartphones and don’t plan on it as we live on Social Security and don’t want to spend our money on this high priced stuff.

Like (an earlier letter writer) said funerals will be missed and so many other things that come up. The paper is some people's joy of the day. Soon I expect there will be no Brainerd Dispatch at all. What a shame, and you only have yourself to blame! When I had a job we were told time after time, “Change is good.” For who I ask? I am a subscriber but when it runs out I probably won’t subscribe, for what, “old news,”? Don’t think so. I hope others take time to write in.

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