Reader Opinion: All lives matter


The pictures of the way he died made me sick every time they were shown on TV. It also made me sick to see the burning and looting that went on during some of the demonstrations.

Yesterday I saw a picture of him wearing the wings of an angel. I began to wonder, who was this guy whose death got more coverage than a president. Google had the answer. The headlines that came up first said George Floyd's profile reads like a career criminal. From Houston, Texas to Minneapolis he had a record of drug possession, aggravated robbery, home invasion, theft, criminal trespassing and his last arrest was for passing counterfeit money. He evidently was under the influence of drugs at the time, according to medical findings.

My point is that our police deal with dangerous people every day and they never know when they will be killed in the line of duty. In some of the situations and some of the people they deal with, what is excessive force? And by the way, All lives matter, even the police.

Gary H. Peterson


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