Reader Opinion: America sees


On June 1, a day which will go down in history, the world witnessed a Trump driving America deeper into tyranny, and another self-serving pose by this charade-like, but frightfully dangerous to life, president.

Early in the day, Trump used his instinctual words of dictatorial control, demanding America’s governors to “dominate” their streets or he would. And then, as peaceful demonstrators exercised their constitutional rights to protest in Lafayette Square, which faces the White House, Trump surrealistically claimed to be their “ally” even as protesters were being forced out of Lafayette Square.

Simultaneously, and within minutes after asserting this “alliance,” Trump committed acts of constitutional and religious sacrilege evidencing his personal chaos disastrous to America’s cherished liberty.

The way to nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church having been cleared of protesters by flash-bang explosions and dousings with tear gas as he spoke, Trump committed epic acts of desecration:

of American rights of free speech and to petition government, silenced, and of St. John’s sacred space of peace for all, used as a backdrop for a propagandistic photo opportunity, and of a Bible – the most sacred text of the Judeo-Christian tradition, emphasizing reconciliation and love of God and other, as a ham-handedly held prop for purely self-serving purposes in a time of national crisis inflamed by his words and behavior, savaged.


“St. John’s Church,” a 17-minute selfie hit and run devoid of a word of prayerful solace for the family of George Floyd, or for the family of a grieving America. Further compelling evidence of Trump’s escalating, depraved, deepening danger to America.

St. John’s traditional church sign, also misappropriated into Trump’s self-idolizing photograph, plainly tells Americans what Trump is incapable of saying or doing: “All Are Welcome.” America sees, and knows, the fatal enemy of America’s fundamental values.

John Erickson


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