Reader Opinion: 'American' shallow


Donald Trump, current Republican occupant of our White House, has more power than any one person should ever have. He's sitting at the peak of power, in one of the more powerful nations in the world. It's a position that calls for restraint, contemplation, decorum, dignity. And above all, honesty.

Respect our Constitution. If someone entrusted me to drive their $200,000 Lamborghini (our Constitution), I'd drive it pretty carefully, assuring I didn't damage such a beautiful car. Mr. Trump, on the other hand, has shown he'd get drunk with power and prestige, and drive it like a bumper car in a demolition derby race.

A young girl from Sweden, I guess you'd have to say a young woman, considering what she's accomplished at an early 16 years old, informed herself about the realities of the damage we're doing to the climate we all share, and she became concerned enough to do something about protecting not only herself, but all the other of Earth's creatures.

Some people try to pretend they believe their god gifted us all this. It's not believable, another lie, when we see their eagerness to destroy it for "growth," meaning personal wealth. If they truly believe in some god, their actions resemble spitting in the eye of god and the gift.

The young lady, Greta Thunberg, was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year. Mr. Trump, most likely in a fit of jealousy, tweeted some bullying insults to Ms. Thunberg.


Trump's tweet would be considered pretty “small” even if done by an emotionally immature 12 year old. Good parents would tell him to knock it off and publicly apologize to Ms. Thunberg. Instead, Trump is what the Republican Party presents to us as the best of their best.

They defend Mr. Trump. "Be Best"?

A. Martin


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