Reader Opinion: Amy for America


Please vote for Amy Klobuchar. She stands near the middle of the political spectrum. Most of us do too. You’ve seen in this newspaper many common sense bills written by Amy and cosigned by Republicans. Over 100 of Amy’s bills have been passed into law despite Sen. Mitch McConnell preventing hundreds of other bills from even getting discussed. President Trump has signed Amy’s bills.

I hate the endless partisan roadblocks that prevent needed change. Big money controls too much. I believe we are due for a president who comes from humble roots, tells the truth, truly cares about people, treats everyone respectfully, works hard, builds alliances, is extremely intelligent, experienced, will stand her ground, but admit when she is wrong. My wife and I have been sending our little bit of support money each month since Amy announced.

Can one of us still get elected president?

Darrell Pedersen


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