Reader Opinion: Appreciate what you have


“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you.” John 14:17a.

I hope and pray you all had a very blessed St. Valentine's Day. St. Valentine's Day!

I'm writing this letter not out of want as much a necessity. You see, we're living in the "good old days" right now! Never again are you going to see gas prices as cheap as right now? Unemployment rates are as low as ever right now. And the stock market making new highs every day. And so on. You can't live in Shangri-La forever!

But the people aren't ready for a correction like what will be necessary at this time. At one time, the stock market would go along and then would do a correction, go into a slight recession, then go back again. It hasn't done that for so long, I don't think we would recognize it anymore. But that is what will happen, ready or not! You can't live in Shangri-La forever.

Anyway, appreciate what you have right now, and pray about tomorrow. And remember to put your trust in the one who promised to give us his, not as the world gives. Please!


God bless you! In Christ.

Stephen L. Heinecke


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