Reader Opinion: Attend Baxter meeting

My taxes are going up $400 next year. And that won’t include this road mess.


If you are a Baxter homeowner or business owner, are you concerned where your tax dollars are going to go? You may want to check it out.

This plan Baxter has will move stoplights less than four blocks. They want to tear up the frontage road and make it straight. We now have three stop signs, they want one. This was planned for kids safety.

They also will tear up the 10-foot wide sidewalks on the frontage road and on Knollwood Drive. Frontage road in 2022 and Knollwood in 2023.

The school kids will have to walk eight blocks farther to go to school.

Check and see where all this money is coming from — like our taxes. Meeting city hall Oct. 7. My taxes are going up $400 next year. And that won’t include this road stoplight mess.


Betty Sieckert


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