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Calling all Baxter home/property owners. If your property does not have city water and sewer but is serviced by your private well and septic, there is an upcoming Baxter City Council meeting you should attend. The meeting is, Tuesday, August 20th at Baxter City Hall starting at 7:00 PM. At this meeting, the Mayor, City Council and city staff will be discussing and perhaps finalizing the assessment policy for property owners in areas which there will be city sewer, water and street projects completed in the future. This will be your opportunity to have your questions answered, concerns addressed and voice heard. This WILL affect you financially. The early projected assessment to landowners were upward of $25,000.00 per lot. It will also affect your continued use of your private well and/or sewer. By doing the projects slowly so far, the early adopters got their projects done at a much lower price, while those of us in future areas were not apprised of the consequences of the city dragging out doing the projects over the last 20 years. There are many questions and concerns which need to be addressed and this meeting is the place for that to happen. I hope many of you will attend, but if you can’t, you can send a letter voicing your questions, concerns and opinions to the city staff and ask that your letter be read at the council meeting. I also encourage all those affected to contact the Mayor and City Councilors asking them what their thoughts and opinions are on this matter and sharing yours with them.

John Ward


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