Reader Opinion: Balance in government in jeopardy


Donald J. Trump is a successful business man and developer. The 2016 Election worked in his favor because of this experience. His campaign speeches were pointing out government should be ran as a business. In the business world, no holds are barred. There’s a lot of back stabbing, lying and cheating to land those “Big Deals.”

At that time, it sounded good. Less government and get rid of the career politicians. In the business world, there is no Constitution. You do whatever it takes to get your way. This does not transfer over to operate a government. Laws and regulations where installed into the Constitution to protect citizens from certain parties taking over the country for personal gains that would benefit themselves, and others like him.

The last couple of years we’ve seen an administration that has pushed the Constitutional Laws to the brink of impeachment. In his favor, he has surrounded himself with a dedicated staff that lied and went to prison to protect their Commander. The President was found innocent of colluding with the Russians in the 2016 election. You have to wonder if the six staffers didn’t have the protection of a potential pardon, would the true facts have come out in their testimony? In the meantime, we have a balance in government that protects the Constitution, in jeopardy.

Joe Patton


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