Reader Opinion: Black Lives Matter?


It's certainly apparent someone forgot to mention that to these large inner cities, under Democratic mayors and governors, where 78% of all killings are Black on Black.

Example: Chicago, weekend of June 13, 18 killed; weekend of June 20, 104 shootings, 14 died, five kids.

This is going on all across our country. Baltimore, New York, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Houston, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, etc. Even our own Minnesota "Nice" in Minneapolis. These are all sanctuary cities -- coincidence?

Under Obama's eight years of presidency (2008-2016), 4,412 killings in Chicago; his last year (2016), 762 killings, under mayor Rahm Emanuel. Where was the outrage from The Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Cory Booker and all the national Black leaders?

Why didn't Black lives matter under Obama. Maybe he was Black?


As racism goes, who are these Blacks (the news media and political correctness censors us to express ourselves) who many feel life owes them, society against them, gangs are their families, use the "system," it's their way of life, it's abused. Once frustration, call it "White racism."

George Floyd (no saint) tragedy was wrong, but have a question -- how many "questionable" whites are shot every year by Black police officers?

From the start, our own "Minnesota Nice" Gov. Walz's lack of guts, the first day, to put down this riot (Minneapolis) only added fuel to the fire, and a green light for misfits nationwide to go on rampages and destroy so many people's lives. It all falls in Walz's lap. Now he's asking for federal aid. Now that does take guts.

Radical violence now rules our country without any retaliation. Pitiful.

Jack Schmidt

Pequot Lakes

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