Reader Opinion: Both aren't the same


It's not mentioned often enough that the reason Democrats may look so disorganized at times is that they welcome everyone's ideas, not just those of a boss or leader. Democrats then distill everyone's ideas into some sort of “best for all” plan.

Democrats are sometimes humorously described as "trying to herd a bunch of cats." True, but this is what any widely diverse group of humans will look like.

Republicans, on the other hand, have a top-down paternalistic model. They pick a leader, then all are expected to fall in line, lockstep with the leader. It bypasses individual thinking and decision making. It's left up to the leader, sometimes becoming a dictatorship. Like lemmings, they sometimes follow a leader “into the sea.” Dictatorship can trigger revolution, causing movements such as Black Lives Matter.

Imagine two very different people, each wanting opposite things. Give points to each person. If one gets 100 points of what they want, it may leave the other only 0 points. The total points for the two of them together is 100. Democrats usually try to find a place where maybe the first person's points are reduced to only 60, but at that position the other's points may rise to 60. Now the total points for both is 120 instead of only 100. Good leaders in time often find solutions to fine tune things where points for one person may be raised, without reducing points of the others.

A democracy, which is what we try to have, is one of the best models for all humans in total. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Gittens at Calhoun school in Minneapolis, taught, "Democracy is rule by the majority, with respect for rights of the minority." It's almost consensus, an even better model.


A. Martin


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