Reader Opinion: Break racism now


Last week at our house we finally admitted we have a problem. And, it’s getting worse. There were signs this problem could be fatal if left unattended. The noise is getting louder. The clock is ticking! OK, something has to be done. So I called the appliance repair shop. Someone will be out to take a look at our clothes dryer in two weeks! I hope it keeps working until then. However, I am relieved that we did something.

“Pay me now or pay me later” was a Farm Oil tag on an auto repair TV commercial. Along with cars, clothes dryers and other mechanical failures, this adage applies directly to the immediate social crisis of our time -- systemic racism and White privilege in the Brainerd lakes area and across America. There have been signs that this problem could be fatal if left unattended. The noise of the 1960s Civil Rights movement should have been enough for us to say, “Ok, that’s enough! Let’s do something!” Instead, we adjusted to the noise. It has become fatal! It’s not working!

However, we can do something. Consider this:

  1. Pray for guidance.

  2. Talk with your friends about racism. What is wrong?

  3. Study (Books like “White Privilege” by Robin Diangelo or “Dear Church” by Lenny Duncan or “How To Be An Antiracist” by Ibrim X. Kendi or view an eye opener documentary called “Traces of the Trade”, available on Vimeo)

Dear White privileged people of faith, we share a spiritually flawed history. Racism in America will never die until White, transformed people of faith break its back! With the help of God, we can start by putting our own house in order.
Or, God forbid, we remain in denial and let our children’s children handle the next 100 years of ignored shameful systemic oppression!

Terry Frovik


Lake Shore

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