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Reader Opinion: Cancer support is available

Men need to regularly get checked with blood and physical exams.


Prostate cancer. Stage 4. What do we do now? This happened a few months before my husband's retirement a little over two years ago. About the same time I saw an article in the paper about a new prostate cancer support group starting. We needed to go to that meeting to find out more. Gary Harris from Nisswa organized the support group and the Lakes Prostate Cancer Fund. He told of his personal journey with metastatic prostate cancer. My husband, Tom, found this a little overwhelming since he was just diagnosed and did not go the next time, but after I told him about the meeting he realized that the support is needed for the advocate as well as the one with cancer and we've gone to the meetings ever since. This has been a godsend to both of us.

Everyone has their own journey and it helps to listen to and to get and give support to others going through the same thing. I've heard, if you get cancer, prostate cancer is the one to get. Not so. I'm here to tell you that men need to regularly get checked with blood and physical exams. I hope this helps for anyone going through this journey as you don't have to go through it alone.

There seems to be few public service ads for men and prostate cancer compared to other cancers, so I felt the need to get this information out and how life changing the LPCF has been for us. Their website is . My goal is to reach out to men and their families who may also be searching for help.

Jo Swoverland


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