Reader Opinion: Care about the info


Social media is a true double-edged sword. It’s great way to reconnect with relatives or old school friends, it can help you share photos with family members. It can even share news and information faster than television or radio. Here comes the but! But, just as fast and easy, it can share “Fake News!”

We saw the Baltimore Mayor caught up in the fury of the white van scare even though his own police department said there were no reported incidents.

We’ve also seen celebrity nonsense go viral and people having to apologize for something as trivial as a water bottle.

We’ve even seen a politician get attacked on social media for ringing a bell.

Why has society given up its critical thinking? Why are so many caving to the outraged, screaming lunatics? Why are so many in power, be it social elite or political, listening more to social justice warriors rather than putting in thought before action? When did being socially popular or “woke” become more important than right?


Each of these questions comes with its own bias, yes. What is right to one may not be right to another, but justice is supposed to be blind and each is supposed to have equal protection under the law. Equal does not mean elevate one over another to right old wrongs. No one is supposed to be above the law but that also means no one is supposed to be without its protection. You can’t tell someone they aren’t above the law and then not let them defend themselves before your committee.

Next time you see a post on social media, hear about the latest craze or read your next headline, ask yourself, what, why, when and who. Care about the information you take in and the information you share.

Kenneth Toole


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