Reader Opinion: Chaos


I am embarrassed for our state. I’m sure the majority of people in law enforcement honor their promise to serve and protect. But giving a badge and gun to some is a permit to abuse their authority. This was evident Monday when we watched how four policemen handled a suspected phony $20 bill that caused a man’s death. The victim was handcuffed behind his back and the four of them could have easily put him in the back of their car and taken him to the station. Instead he ended up face down on the pavement with two men holding down his back and legs while the deranged ring leader nonchalantly, with his hand in his pocket, knelt on his neck for nine minutes while ignoring the victim gasping for air and saying he couldn’t breathe. The third accomplice faced the growing crowd apparently to make sure there was no interference. What were they waiting for? I guess to die, since they made no attempt to transport him. This is the reason I am embarrassed for our state.

On Tuesday the protesters were seen wearing masks, peacefully marching down the street with signs. They were not burning down businesses in their own neighborhood. What occurred later in the day and evening looked like the actions of outside arsonists and looters who showed up to take advantage of the situation and cause chaos. They succeeded.

Julie Pawlak


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