Reader Opinion: Comfortable and complacent


The recent primary election here is an indication of how powerful the desire for comfort and complacency are. Most of us would like to just continue our lives without having to change and think about the future being any different than the present or even our memories of earlier times. We yearn for leaders who will tell us not to worry much about the future, that they will take care of any concerns we might have. All we have to do is allow them to retain the decision-making powers and allow their economic system to work its magic.

Whatever problems might appear on the horizon will be worked out by these “masters of the universe” who have only our best interests in mind. They have told us that we don’t need to take on any burden of conscience since the economic markets will provide all of our solutions. It’s called market morality -- if it enhances “the economy” it’s moral and if not, it’s by its very nature immoral. No need for human involvement except to count the money.

We should simply trust them and their economic system. We should pay our taxes so they can protect what they now label as “our way of life” from any deviation from this economic plan, or from threats from foreigners with their ideologies, or from terrorists. For that we need the strongest military in the world, the best security state, secrecy and the largest prison system in the world.

For this we must all sacrifice, understanding that things like social justice and social services are luxuries we simply cannot afford right now.

Most importantly we must pour all of our resources into the coffers of those who direct and control this wonderful system so we can all continue our “comfortable and complacent” lives.


Bob Passi


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