Reader Opinion: Communities at risk


The coronavirus is attacking the core health of our physical, social and economic communities. Through fear it is driving us apart and destroying the economy. This time is different. The crisis of confidence has struck at the heart of our economy. Fear has taken over. Without moral and spiritual effort, fear will result in long term ruin, that is for years. The old methods will not work. Spending trillions of dollars will certainly boost spending, but if we do not address the fear and lack of confidence, the consumer and businesses will remain waiting to see results.

We must rebuild confidence, dispel fear, and work together to recover physical, social and economic health. If we continue to fight each other, to criticize the efforts of others to improve conditions, to mock others, we only add to the lack of confidence and to the fear. Respect of others is necessary for our success. The solution is there, but only together will we be able to reach it in a relatively rapid time. We must rebuild and reboot our communities at every level, local, state, national and international; only in that way will we be able to return in a timely manner to a new healthy normal, with healthy communities and economies.

Andrew Hook


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