Reader Opinion: Coronavirus


Donald Trump, as leader of this country, was on the "fake" media recently talking about the coronavirus threat. The media said it was him, it sounded like him, he hasn't denied it.

What he was saying was either cruel, or stupid, or both.

The word stupid is hard to accept, but every word was invented for a purpose. Ignorance and stupidity have different meanings. A quick definition of ignorant is simply "not knowing something." Stupid can be defined as "having a chance to learn, but refusing to do so."

Rational people don't listen to Mr. Trump. If your neighbor, co-worker, or unfortunate acquaintance lied like Trump, 16,000 documented lies in three years, you'd ignore and avoid them.

Worldwide, about 100,000 people already have coronavirus; 3,400 deaths, or about 3.4%. Trump says he has a "hunch" it's much lower, way below 1%. Well, I have a hunch my savings account has over $1 million. I'm lying. It's way, way less.


Don't listen to Trump's coronavirus recommendations. It could harm or kill you. Listen to medical experts, preferably from Obama or even Bush eras. Don't go back to work, as Trump suggests, if you suspect you're infected!

Leave your gloves on when shopping or in public. Be conscious: don't touch mouth, eyes, privates, or face before you get home. Wash your hands when you return. I used to get three-four colds and flus each year, but after I started these precautions, I've only had one flu in about five years. It really helps, even though I seldom used soap on frequent washings.

And don't panic; use your head. Avoid hoarding; just prepare. Republican supporters should add a good, long look in a mirror.

Even Jesus might agree: if we can't trust our leader, we're building a swamp, not draining one.

A. Martin


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