Reader Opinion: Corporate money in politics


Ten years ago on Jan 21, 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case which granted corporations constitutional rights as “persons” and allowed for the spending of money on political issues as equivalent to “free” speech. As a result of this decision the amount of money invested to influence voters and elections, legislation, and public policy has exploded. The effects are seen in governmental decisions and also in reduced public confidence in government and less participation in politics, and has led to cynicism, distrust and the absence of hope in many peoples’ hearts and minds.

Shortly after that decision Move to Amend, a nonprofit, non-partisan group was formed to garner support in reversing the decision. We have a chance to meet one of the early activists in the cause, Robin Monahan. Robin walked across the entire USA 10 years ago in protest of this Supreme Court decision and will be in Brainerd on January 21st at the monthly meeting of the local chapter to talk about his experience.

I have signed this petition, “We the People of the United States of America, reject the Supreme Court’s ‘Citizens United’ ruling and other related cases, and move to amend the Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.” Join me, Robin and 472,000 U.S. citizens, who have signed this petition.

All concerned citizens are welcome at the Lakes Area Move to Amend meeting, 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 21, the Sage on Laurel in Brainerd.

Joe Stattine



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