Reader Opinion: Craziness

We live in a world of gun violence and death, and our solution seems to start with more guns.

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The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been twisted and contorted beyond recognition with weird interpretations which have changed it from supporting well-regulated militias to somehow supporting the right to use guns to kill others. There may or may not be consequences for those killings, but we seem to have been given the right to kill under this interpretation.

I won’t spend time on the profit motive of the gun lobby; capitalism trumps all.

The result is the U.S. has the most guns per capita in the world, the largest prison population in the world, the highest percentage of gun deaths, and now gun deaths are the leading cause of children's deaths. We live in a world of gun violence and death, and our solution seems to start with more guns.

We think screening for crazies will solve the problem, but it doesn’t, and besides we all get a little crazy sometimes under stress or frustration.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Yes, but it is much more difficult if there is not a gun readily available. If all we had to do to get rid of someone who frustrated us is to push a button, how many people would die. A trigger is not much different.


If guns are a symbol of citizenship, then let’s give every child a gun at birth and another one for each birthday. Let’s give every new citizen a gun as a symbol of their citizenship.

We seem to think that there is some right to use deadly force when someone disturbs our equilibrium and only we should be able to decide when that is.

This is absolute craziness! We are certainly capable as reasonable human beings of finding a better solution than to let this mass slaughter go on.

Bob Passi


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