Reader Opinion: Crime and punishment

If protesters begin committing illegal acts they should be arrested, charged and convicted.

Stack of newspapers on a laptop computer.

I am writing this letter in response to a petition asking the governor and state attorney general to consider dropping charges against protesters of the line 3 pipeline construction.

The laws of the state are here to protect all of us. That includes construction companies, employees and landowners.

If protesters begin committing illegal acts they should be arrested, charged and convicted.

Many of the protesters were not from our state. A percentage were paid to come here and create havoc, because they were paid, some did not even understand what they were protesting. Those that were paid received extra incentives for being arrested, just to be bailed out with cash and on their way.

In my opinion these people need to be charged with the crimes committed and sentenced appropriately. If possible those that funded the chaos should also be charged.


The protesters that caused property damage should be required to pay restitution to the victims of their vandalism. The restitution should include the lost work hours to companies and employees.

Any restitution should include all extra costs incurred by law enforcement and other emergency services.

I would like to ask our governor and attorney general why? These people broke the law and should be charged and sentenced as our law allows.

If I committed these crimes I would expect to be punished. So should each and every one of them.

Kerry Swenson

Pequot Lakes

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