Reader Opinion: Crow Wing County and CWD


Crow Wing County is being proactive in dealing with Chronic Wasting Disease and should be considered for a centrally located center for research, outreach and response to this newly emerging concern.

Neither a germ or a virus, CWD is caused by a protein mutation (prion) that can remain viable for years and that affects the brain in a group of animals called cervids, to which deer, moose and elk belong. It is a lingering and certain death for which there is no known cure.

The University of Minnesota is key to this issue as it is deeply engaged in original research for both disease understandings and for testing.

The DNR is the Minnesota leader in responding to CWD.

Crow Wing County Commission Chair Rosemary Franzen and Crow Wing County Administrator Tim Houle are engaging resources and educating the public early on how to better communicate, cope and contain the disease.


The new CWC press release on CWD from just a few days ago addresses threat/response/knowledge issues ably and is being reported in print/tv/online outlets.

Ideally the strategic partners in a centrally located Minnesota CWD center would be the DNR, the U of M and Crow Wing County.

This trio can interface with other stakeholders and emerging aspects of CWD to become a Minnesota Model which other states and entities can look toward to base their own efforts for success to better reduce the chance of a Chronic Wasting Disease pandemic.

Philip Vaughan

Lake Edward Township

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